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What is your view on the political situation in Ottawa?

We're all watching the political situation in Ottawa closely. Paul Martin has already admitted that there will have to be an election following the serious issues raised by the Gomery inquiry. But I know many people in our riding don't want an election called right now.

What do you think?

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Name: Neighbourhood: My view on the political situation in Ottawa:
Chris MacLean Toronto less american capitualtion, more corporate accoutability, less pharmaceutical dominance, gun laws tougher, more money social programs (former teacher)
Franz Weber Parkdale (Pearson Ave.) It's great to hear you're running again, Ms Nash!! I knew last time that you were in for the long run! It's time to vote for integrity and intelligence. Enough of "Yosemite Sam"!! Please make sure we get a large lawn-sign for Nr. 16 Pearson Avenue. All the Best to you Franz Weber

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Speak out: What is your view on the political situation in Ottawa?

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