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Wed 3 Feb 2022

LISA RAINFORD - Link to article

Wed 27 Jan 2022


Tue 22 Dec 2021

Inside Toronto - The Villager


Sitting in a coffee shop on Queen Street West in Parkdale, surrounded by aging highrises and hundred-year-old homes, Peggy Nash said she can see the potential impact a greener Canada could have on Toronto's west end.

Tue 6 Oct 2021

Toronto Star - Carol Goar

Historic shifts catch people off-guard. Something feels askew. Their friends and colleagues seem to be losing their footing. But they don't know what's wrong.

Finally, someone sounds the alarm.

This week, an international coalition of unions sounded the alarm: Precarious work has reached epidemic proportions.

Fri 31 Jul 2022

Toronto Star - Carol Goar

Parkdale-High Park in Toronto's west end is a female-friendly riding. It has sent women to Parliament in four of the past five general elections.

But it is also a constituency with deep loyalties. When Gerard Kennedy, its former representative at Queen's Park, returned to his old political turf to seek a federal seat last fall, he was warmly welcomed.

It was a difficult choice. Voters liked and respected Peggy Nash, the hard-working New Democratic incumbent. But they remembered Kennedy's energy and enthusiasm.

Mon 27 Jul 2022

Toronto Star - Peggy Nash

Air Canada is once again teetering on the brink of bankruptcy protection in 2009 after emerging from it in 2003. Peggy Nash of the CAW argues the federal government should take an equity stake in the airline to restore its long-term financial stability.

As chief negotiator for the CAW in the recent round of talks with Air Canada, I have seen first-hand the shortcomings of privatizing and deregulating key sectors of our economy.

Thu 9 Jul 2022


Reading the tea leaves of federal politics is always fascinating. How will Nannygate or the isotope scandal play out in the corridors of power? Who will trigger an election and when?

In the grown up world of real life though, for many working people fear is turning to anger.

Too many people are losing their jobs because of risky or incompetent management behaviour; all the while the CEOs keep collecting stratospheric paychecks.

Wed 13 May 2022

Women recognized for hard work, vision

Toronto Star - Noor Javed
May 13 2009

Angela Robertson still remembers the morning vividly.

As a high school student then, Robertson had woken up early to catch the first bus of the day to a nursing home, where she had just started volunteering. At the bus stop, she was surprised to see she had company. Dozens of women, mostly of colour, mostly middle class, stood alongside her to get to work, hours before the sun came up. She could sense their exhaustion.

Wed 6 May 2022

Toronto Star - Antonia Zerbisias

Not that all men are warmongers, but it's striking how, in recent years, the most outspoken, out-front, outrageous and out-there peace activists have been women.

And older women at that.

Is it because, as our baby-making hormones ebb, our anti-war-mones take over?

Here in Canada, we have the Raging Grannies, often seen at the front lines of demonstrations against everything from the U.S. attack on Iraq to the globalization of trade that exploits workers, including women and children, around the word.

Mon 4 May 2022

Toronto Star - Carole Goar

The last time Canada went through a recession, there was no Facebook, no high-speed Internet access and no online chat rooms. Email was in its infancy.

That meant public perceptions were shaped largely by economists, politicians and pollsters. The people who were hurting were seldom heard.

This time it will be different, anti-poverty activists vow. Technology has given them the ability to link up, highlight the distress signals they see and tell their stories.