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July 24, 2022
Speaking out on the crisis in the Middle East, Waterfront meetings, Save City TV and more

July 10, 2022
Summer is here! Community Events and the Spring Session in Review

June 29, 2022
The House rises, Dalai Lama honoured with Canadian Citizenship, Ukrainian internment redress, and back to Toronto for Pride Weekend

June 13, 2022
Toronto security arrests, the Control Arms Campaign and back to Parkdale High Park for community outreach

June 5, 2022
Back to work in Ottawa , busy weekend in Parkdale High Park , June 8 Child Care Forum coming up!

May 30, 2022
Constituency Week is over, the House reconvenes and enjoy Bike Week

May 23, 2022
Afghanistan, Gwyn Morgan, Pesticide Motion, ongoing debate on the Budget—all add up to a busy week in Ottawa

Sunday, May 14, 2022
Busy week in the House and Happy Mother’s Day to all moms

May 8, 2022
My Child Care commitment and further reflections on the recent budget

April 28, 2022
Federal Budget Looming

April 13, 2022
My first debate in the House

April 10, 2022
Report on the Throne Speech

April 3, 2022
A critical week in Canadian politics begins

March 26, 2022
Opening my constituency office

March 13, 2022
Hearing your views and opinions on federal issues

March 2 , 2006
Taking my seat in the House of Commons as your MP

Feb 12, 2022
Getting down to work as your MP

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