Friday, April 25th, 2008

Dear Friends and Parkdale – High Park Neighbours,

I want to begin by thanking everyone who supported my efforts to stop the sale of MDA, Canada’s foremost space and satellite company, to a US arms manufacturer, ATK. It was months of work, but I was able to persuade all opposition parties to come on board, and eventually, with public support, the Minister of Industry as well. (click for related article)

The last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me since my dad passed away on April 16th.  I want to thank the community for the many messages of condolences and best wishes.  My mother and other family members were also very touched by the thoughtful cards and letters.

I regret that during this period I obviously could not attend the many events I would normally be at, but I look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Most recently I had the opportunity to meet with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama as part of a delegation of Canadian parliamentarians to Ann Arbor, Michigan. He spoke of issues related to the Olympics being hosted in China and continued to insist on justice and non-violence in meeting the needs of Tibetans (click for related article).

I also had the chance to attend events celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Junction. For many Torontonians, the Junction is a unique and important part of our community, but it’s also very special to me because it’s where my parents grew up and spent many years of their lives, so our family roots run deep in that part of the city.

Lastly, I wanted to report back to you on the proposed animal cruelty legislation (S-203) that I covered in my last newsletter. This legislation was condemned by animal rights groups as it really does nothing to protect animals, and stalls effective legislation from coming into force. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts in the House of Commons and those of my NDP colleagues, there were too many Liberal and Conservatives MPs that voted in favour of the legislation. (click for related article)

I hope you’ll take the time to scroll down and see the other issues the NDP and I have been working on.

Thank you for your continued support,


Peggy Nash
MP Parkdale-High Park


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