Monday, May 8, 2022

My Child Care commitment and further reflections on the recent budget

Dear friends and Parkdale High Park neighbours,

I have been hearing from many of you about your concerns with the Harper government's plans for childcare in Canada. Many of the letters, phone calls and emails that have been sent to me indicate that many of you want me to defend the child care spaces, negotiated in the last minority parliament.

Our children's early years are their foundation for lifelong success. Expanding early learning is one of the best investments we can make as a society and that's why I will be working tirelessly in the House of Commons to:

  1. Work for more child care spaces . I support the provinces' need for multi-year funding, so they can plan effectively and create affordable, high-quality child care spaces.
  2. Build a truly national child care program . Canada needs a national child care program that locks in reliable funding and standards. The Liberals promised it in 1993, but failed to deliver it. We need to start the program now, and grow it for the future of our country's children.
  3. Protect child care funds for families . Families earning under $50,000 will lose most of the family allowance the Conservatives promise, to taxes and clawbacks . I will work to protect that amount by making it an expanded Child Tax Benefit.

Last Wednesday, I delivered a speech on child care in the House where I outlined my position on child care.

I will be holding a special meeting in the riding to discuss child care in Canada and I want to invite you to come out on Thursday, June 8 to Bishop Morrocco Thomas Merton Secondary School (at Bloor and Dundas Streets) from 7 - 9 pm .

Please call Mike or Cicely at 416.769.5072 to let them know if you will be attending the meeting or please email me your views on child care .

About the recent federal budget---much has been written and said about this budget and it will receive a thorough debate in the House of Commons and in standing committee. I have already voiced my concerns with the budget's impact on Toronto . As the critic for Toronto , I will be diligent in seeing what is outlined in the specific details of the budget and what it really means for transit, affordable housing and services to new Canadians.

I will be holding the federal government accountable for what are their real plans for Canada. The 2006 budget is emerging as a future framework for the type of choices that will be made for Canadians by the government. This budget is about defining values and we have to ask ourselves is the overall strategic direction outlined in the budget in the best interests of Canada and Canadians?

This is a discussion we need to have and I want to hear from you. Please visit my web site to let me know your views on Stephen Harper's budget.

Finally, I have been appointed as the Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates �watch for more news from me on this front. Please review the comments on the situation in Darfur, Sudan I made last week in the Commons and thank you to all my friends and constituents who helped me to celebrate the 215th Anniverary of the Polish Constitution on May 7.

Have a great week.


Peggy Nash, MP
Parkdale-High Park