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Nash Questions Bulte Fundraiser Ethics

Residents in Parkdale-High Park were suprised last night to learn that Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte is holding a fundraiser organized by recording industry executives and others who stand to benefit from proposed Copyright legislation that Bulte has sided with in her role as Parliamentary Secretary of Heritage.

The issue was raised at an All-Candidates debate at the Swansea Town Hall when a resident asked Bulte whether the fundraiser raised the perception of conflict.

"These are my friends," said Bulte, who authored the Bulte Report on Copyright, which some feel sided too heavily with corporate interests.

Planned for January 19, the $250 a ticket fundraiser for Bulte is to be held in an "intimate and exclusive setting" at the Drake Hotel with a solo performance by the Cowboy Junkie's Margo Timmins. An invitation sent by Canadian Recording Industry President Graham Henderson emphasized that "This is OUR fundraiser, the copyright industries fundraiser," adding that "Sam, whether in government or opposition, is a very powerful ally".

"Ms. Bulte needs to understand that her job as a parliamentarian is to work first and foremost in the public interest," said Peggy Nash, NDP candidate for Parkdale- High Park. "Politicians are held to a higher standard than others and the perception of bias is simply not acceptable."

Nash stated that Bulte's activities further reminds voters of Liberal ethical violations that are a serious concern for many Canadians.

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For more information, contact: Valerie Dugale, Peggy Nash Campaign, at 647-225-3685