May 2, 2022
Budget fails to Invest in Toronto

Conservatives miss the mark on transit, the environment and child care

OTTAWA – NDP critic for Toronto, MP Peggy Nash(Parkdale High-Park), expressed disappointment today in the Conservative budget, which like previous Liberal budgets fails Toronto on critical issues such as a national child care program, student debt and cleaner air and water.

“This budget fails our city because the Conservatives missed the opportunity to invest in the people of Toronto,“ Nash said. “For Toronto to thrive as an economic engine for the country, for our city to grow as a clean, green, cultural centre we can all be proud of, we need stable predictable federal funding for students, culture, environmental initiatives and child care – the Conservative budget fails Toronto.”

The key positive investments for the people of Toronto in this budget flows from money for transit secured by the NDP in last spring’s budget amendment (C-48).

“With significant and growing fiscal capacity, this budget should have invested in ordinary working Torontonians,” Nash said. “We should be investing in the people who make Toronto strong, but the Conservatives have chosen corporate tax cuts rather than building prosperity through investment in the people of this city.”

“This government is letting Toronto’s working families down, with a budget that will do nothing to improve upon what was already promised in last year's budget for TTC service in Toronto.”

“Harper and Flaherty have chosen to cut taxes for the big banks and oil companies rather than invest in sustainable energy, housing retrofit programs so people can spend less heating their homes, or a green car strategy.”

“The Conservative’s are following in the footsteps of Mike Harris whose child care plan didn’t create a single space in Ontario. Working people deserve better than smoke-and-mirrors child care.”

“The sad reality is that the Conservatives have never met a problem that they didn’t think a corporate tax cut or tax credit could solve. But corporate tax cuts won’t clean our air, they won’t improve our public transit and corporate tax cuts won’t create child care spaces.”


For further information, please contact:
Sam Dinicol, Legislative Assistant for Peggy Nash
(613) 992-2936