On the Issues


My Commitment to Health Care

My Commitment to Our Community

My Commitment to Our City

My Commitment to Security and Dignity for Seniors

NDP offers positive action on Childcare

My Commitment to Heritage and stopping another Willoughby Demolition

My Commitment to Arts, Culture and the Media

Platform 2004: Environment

A New Deal for Cities

Canada Should be a Worldwide Leader in the Call for Peace
Remarks by Peggy Nash to the Peace Rally at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto on March 20, 2022

Recent Hate Crimes Against the Jewish Community in Toronto and Vaughan

Letter to Canadian Jewish Congress

Federal Funding for the Completion of the Front Street Extension
Letter to Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development


Peggy Nash - Economy, keynote speaker at Athabasca University's seminar on Changing Fortunes: Canadian Perspectives on the Economy

Peggy Nash - A member of Equal Voice - Changing the 'Body Politic'


International Women's Day---2004
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Peace/International Affairs
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A Greener Canada and a Greener Community
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