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Health Care

My Commitment to  Health Care

Itís time that government invested in practical, innovative solutions that improve public health care and protect it from privatization.

The State We Are In
Thereís no secret as to why our health care system is in crisis. As Liberal Finance Minister, Paul Martin cut $25 billion from health care and other social programs. Today, the federal government only contributes 16% of the cost of health care. The NDP would raise that contribution to 25% while balancing the federal budget.

Homecare and Prescription Drugs
We need to prepare for an aging population and take care of our seniors. It costs less to treat a patient with homecare than in a hospital. The Liberals have made promises but done nothing. The NDP will make homecare a priority to help relieve the burden of care faced by many women.

For 10 years, the Liberals have promised action on the spiraling costs of prescription drugs, and still nothing has happened. The NDP will cut health care costs by bringing runaway drug prices under control. Weíll ensure Canadians have access to prescription drugs through a phased-in pharmacare program, starting with Canadians on low incomes or those facing massive drug costs because of catastrophic illness.

Innovation, not Privatization
During the last 10 years, private, for-profit health care has grown by both Liberal neglect and design. The Liberals removed Section 6 of the Canada Health Act to make privatization easier. The NDP created public health care and is the only party committed to protecting our health care system from privatization.

As Your MP, I will work with the Jack Layton team to:

  • Introduce a pharmacare program, starting with catastrophic drug coverage, and make homecare a priority.
  • Work with provinces to establish community-based clinics that use a wide range of health professionals including nurse practitioners, to reduce reliance on hospital emergency rooms.
  • Strengthen the Canada Health Act to prohibit public funds going to private, for-profit hospitals, and include services like MRIs, so you donít have to pay to get diagnostic tests done fast.