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Front Street Extension

Federal Funding for the Completion of the Front Street Extension

Mr. Volpe,
Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development
Phone: (416) 781-5583
[email protected]

Mr. Minister:

I am writing to thank you for your reconsideration of federal funding for the completion of the Front Street Extension. As a resident of the Parkdale-High Park area, I am already very concerned about the traffic in our community. Much of it comes from commuters cutting through our neighbourhoods in an attempt to find a short cut. The Front Street Extension would pour additional traffic into south Parkdale neighbourhoods.

Given the escalating costs of this project and the necessity of funds for other priorities in the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization, my view is that plans for the further extension of Front Street should be abandoned. I encourage you to focus federal funds on other priorities such as transit and pedestrian initiatives.


Peggy Nash
Federal NDP Candidate for
Parkdale High Park