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My Commitment

I'm proud to be the NDP candidate for  Parkdale-High Park. 

I've lived in this community for 20 years. I care about our community, and the people who make it great.  As your Member of Parliament, I'll 'roll up my sleeves' to work with you and your family for:

  •  renewed Medicare through innovation - not privatization
  • a 'new deal' for cities including funding for public transit and settlement services for New Canadians
  • balanced budgets and responsible spending of your hard-earned tax dollars
  • affordable, public, post-secondary education, and more training opportunities
  • job creation and a green and prosperous economy
  • an independent, global voice for Canada

Paul Martin and the Liberals are seeking a fourth majority government. Itís time for change. Itís time for new energy and new ideas.

Parkdale-High Park deserves a strong voice in Parliament. Join Jack Layton and me in building a real alternative to the Liberals.


Peggy Nash
Candidate, Parkdale-High Park
Canada's NDP