Press Release - Jan. 27

For Immediate Release January 27, 2022

Libby Davies NDP MP (Vancouver East)

Announces her Support for Peggy Nash

TORONTO - Libby Davies NDP House Leader in the House of Commons today gave her support to Peggy Nash who is seeking the NDP federal nomination in Parkdale-High Park. Ms. Davies joins a growing list of local and national voters who want to see Peggy Nash in the House of Commons.

Ms. Davies made her announcement after completing a pre-budget consultation with equity and labour groups in Toronto.

“ Peggy Nash will be a great MP and valuable member of Jack Layton’s team in Ottawa,” said Ms. Davies. “Her many years working to improve conditions for so many Canadians makes her uniquely qualified to serve in the House of Commons. Whether at the bargaining table, or speaking out for global social and economic justice, Peggy has earned the respect of many Canadians. Her honesty, integrity and pragmatism are needed in Ottawa.”

Other key endorsers include journalists June Callwood, Michele Landsberg, Judy Rebick, and Michael Lewis, Political Education Director, USWA District 6.


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