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Peace Rally Remarks


Remarks by Peggy Nash to the Peace Rally at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto on March 20, 2022

Congratulations to the people of Toronto for coming to this rally in the cold and the rain, and bringing their warmth and their passion about the need for peace in the world.

Canadians rallied in massive numbers one year ago in protest trying to prevent the US led invasion of Iraq. People around the world were against the US pre-emptive strike in Iraq on the ground that the world would be less safe not more secure as a result; that many innocent lives would be lost and that resources badly needed to help with development would be squandered in war. In addition there was no proof that there were weapons of mass destruction which was the reason for the invasion. The vocal opposition of Canadians led to the decision of the Canadian Government not to join the invasion of Iraq.

One year later, all our fears have proved justified and the weapons of mass destruction did not exist. People around the world are still calling for peace, an end to the US occupation and the need to rebuild Iraq under the leadership of the UN.

Canada should be a world leader in promoting nuclear disarmament, human rights and democratic development. We also need to take a strong stand in opposing George Bush�s Star Wars missile defence plan. This technology is hugely expensive to the tune of one trillion dollars, it does not work, and it will lead to the militarization of space. We need to hold politicians accountable in the next federal election by getting their firm opposition to Star Wars.

Jack Layton and the NDP have been consistent in standing up for peace. As the NDP candidate for Parkdale High Park, I intend to continue to make this a priority for our country. Let�s spend our resources wisely and for the benefit of humanity.