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Budget 2004

Budget 2004

More Federal TTC Funding Needed Now

For immediate release March 24, 2022

OTTAWA - “People in the city of Toronto can't help but feel the federal budget doesn’t do enough for Toronto”, says Public Transit for the Public Good spokesperson Peggy Nash.

There was no mention of the waterfront, which is key to the future of the city. There was no new money for social housing. None has been built in Toronto for a decade in spite of a crisis of homelessness.

No new childcare money was announced in the budget for childcare. There are fewer childcare spaces in Toronto than there were a decade ago when the Federal Liberals announced that they would create a national childcare program. Access to some previously announces funds will be slightly accelerated.

“Transit is a major priority for Toronto. A bigger GST rebate and a small amount of capital funding are far short of what is needed to stave off a TTC crisis,” said Nash following budget lock-up in Ottawa. Nash is representing a community-based campaign to improve government funding for the TTC.

“The TTC needs dollars now. We can’t afford to wait for funding,” Nash said. The Liberals, in spite of all their Toronto MP’s, have clearly not been doing enough on the transit file”

Public Transit for the Public Good is part of a city-wide effort by key community organizations and labour to ensure this year’s federal and provincial budget includes new money for the TTC.

Campaign partners have been calling on the Ontario government to return to its traditional role as a transit funding partner and held out hope that Martin’s promise of a new deal for cities would include a healthy injection of TTC cash.

“Canada is the only G7 country with no established funding formula for transit. We must address the funding needs of the TTC because TTC riders can’t afford another fare hike,” says Nash

A survey of other G7 countries found that senior government operating funding ranges from 15 to 30 per cent and capital funding ranges from 30 to100 per cent. The U.S., which has transit needs comparable to Canada, falls in the middle of this range with an average of 24 per cent of operating funding and an average of 67 per cent of capital funding coming from federal and state governments.

Media contact: Peggy Nash 416 720-2017 (cell)