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Just some of the people supporting
Peggy Nash
for MP
in Parkdale-High Park

"Just what we've been waiting for in national politics - a
woman with passion, determination & knowhow. Peggy has the
right stuff to make Ottawa listen."

Michele Landsberg
Author & Journalist

Pramilla Aggarwal
Community activist

Jenny Ahn
President, CAW Local 40

Anne Anderson
Retired Educator

Maria Teresa Fierro Andrade
Community activist

Patricia Antonyshyn

Lynda Arbour

Evan Artis
Area resident

Irene Atkinson
Public School Trustee,
Parkdale-High Park

Anne Barcham
Long time resident

Deborah Barndt
Faculty of Environmental Studies,
York University

Kim Beemer
Canadian Labour Congress Vice President

Pete Bellefeuille
Bilingual Educator

Paul Bilodeau
OPSEU Communications

Jan Borowy
Community Activist

Peter Brickwood
Elementary Teachers of Toronto

June Callwood
Author and journalist

Charlie Campbell

Linda Cameron
Retired teacher

John Cartwright
Toronto and York
Region Labour Council

Emily Caruso
Student teacher

Joe Chang
CEP/NABET Local 700,
National Rank and File Board Member

May Cheng
Area resident

Joan Chisholm-Guenther

Joe Comartin
MP Windsor-St. Clair

Patricia Curley
Area resident

Wendy Cuthbertson
Area resident

Gary Cwitco
Union Activist

Libby Davies
NDP House Leader,
MP Vancouver East

Bob DeMatteo
Health and safety activist

Dale DeMatteo
Long time resident

Rea Devakos
U of T Librarian

Alice deWolff
Researcher and Activist

Francine Dick
Financial advisor

John Doherty
Former School Trustee

John Donaldson
Former OFL Vice President

Shirley Douglas
Performer and Community activist

Terry Downey
Vice President Region 5,
Ontario Public Service Employees

Meghan Edmonds
Social Worker

Carolyn Egan
Community Activists

Ardith Ekdahl
Riding activist

Allson Elwell
Student activist

Kiersten Eyes
Area resident

Debbie Field
Executive Director,
Food Share Toronto

Christa Freiler
Child Poverty Advocate

Martha Friendly
Child Care Expert

Patricia Futterer
Health care Activist,
Toronto Health Care Coalition

Gib Goodfellow
Retired Educator

Shelly Gordon
Community Activist

Jim Goss
Communications Consultant

Lorna Grover
Solidarity Activist

Kevin Harper
USWA National Office

Irene Harris
Executive Vice-President,
Ontario Federation of Labour

Douglas Hildebrand
Area resident

Betty Holder
Retired Professor

Wendy Hughes

David Hulchanski
U of T  Professor

Don Jennison
Community activist

Jane Karwat
Political and Community Activist

Teresa Kelly

Don Kendal

Francie Kendal
Community Activist

Sheila Koffman
Small Business Owner

Mehdi Kouhestaninejad
President CUPE Toronto Area Council

Michele Landsberg
Author and journalist

Bea Levis
Advocate for Seniors

Benjamin Lewis
Ryerson Student and Academic Council

Sarah Lewis
University Student

Michael Lewis
District 6, USWA

Ken Luckhardt
Union Activist,
International Solidarity

Ken Macdonald
Public Sector Union Activist

Enzo Mancuso
Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation Activist

Janet May
Area resident

Bob Meddings

Natalie Mehra
Healthcare Activist

Shannon McManus

Marg McPhail
District 12 Executive,
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Manfred Netzel
OSSTF Activist

Joey Noble
Community College Teacher,
Community Activist

John Otter

Stacey Papernick
Organizer, IFPTE Canada

Ellen Peters

Anne Pick
Documentary filmaker

Ann Pringle
Area resident

Ira Rabinovitch
Special needs worker

Judy Rebick
Sam Gindin Social Justice Chair,
Ryerson University

Melanie Robitaille
Child care worker/teacher

Marilyn Roycroft
General Secretary, Elementary
Teachers Federation of Ontario

Grace Scheel

Catherine Schmidt
University student

Don Schmidt

Simone Schmidt

Brenda Shillington

Peter Skira
co-chair GENEaction

David Smaller
President John Bruce
Co-op, Freelance journalist

Owen Smith

Janet Solberg
Past President of the ONDP

Jim Stanford
Globe & Mail Columnist

Dennis Stark
Editor, Tansi

Peter Steven

Keith Stewart

Pam Sugiman
Professor of Sociology,
McMaster University

Ritsy Sugiman

Beverly Taft
Community Activist

Carol Trainer
Retired teacher

Man Linh Truong

Fern Valin
International Solidarity Activist

Jack Vanduyvenbode
Long time resident

Brenda Wall

Jennifer Webster
Labour Relations Mediator

Hassan Yussuff
Secretary Treasurer,
Canadian Labour Congres

Deb Young
graphic artist

...there's more to come