Elect Peggy

Dear friends and neighbours, 

Canadians made have made their choice. The good news is that Canada's NDP doubled its popular vote and will have a central role in Canada's next parliament. Here in Parkdale-High Park, while many voters agreed with our vision of a green and prosperous economy, others were frightened by Liberal attacks on Stephen Harper into remaining with the status quo.

The truth is that minority governments work well for Canadians. Canadians will be able to count on Jack Layton and the NDP to work for proportional representation, a fairer voter system where the popular vote is better reflected in parliamentary influence. They can count on New Democrats to hold the Liberals accountable for their promises on health care, Kyoto and a 'new deal' for cities.

They can also count on the NDP to offer them an alternative again in the next federal election an election that is likely to come before this government's four year term is complete.

Our local campaign was a superb one and I believe gave our party a great deal of credibility in this community. I want to thank all of you for making it such a wonderful experience for me. As Mayor David Miller said at our election night party, "This is just the beginning for Parkdale-High Park". I believe he is right. I will be there to work with you from now until the next election comes, and I hope you will choose to work with me to realize our vision of a green and prosperous Canada where no one is left behind.

With deep appreciation,