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As Activist

" This past year, I worked to create Jack Layton’s new Green Car Strategy to promote energy efficiency and investment in Canada’s auto industry. This innovative new policy has captured the imagination of environmentalists and all of us concerned about the future of our economy."

says Peggy Nash

to see more on the 'Green Car Strategy' click here

Libby Davis and Peggy Nash meet with reporters following a pre-budget
consultation with several Parkdale organizations conserned with issues
such as immigration and affordable housing.

Peggy Nash at "Women to Women Campaign Rally", 2003 Ontario Provincial
Election, Dundas Square, Toronto

Peggy Nash at the 2003 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto.

Peggy Nash (2nd from right) and Helen Clark (3rd from Right, next to
Peggy) the Prime Minister of New Zealand at the International
Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) conference in Melbourne,
Australia February 2003.

Libby Davies and Peggy Nash at the 2003 CAW Women in Politics Conference.

Peggy Nash - Making a presentation at the South African Women for Women
(SAWW) Annual Awards dinner, Aug 10, 2021

"Peggy Nash at Labour Day Parade", September 2003 with 'Fairy'

Peggy Nash at the Federal Government Conference bringing together
stakeholders in the crisis-ridden airline industry, 1997.