My Commitment



Dear friends and Parkdale-High Park neighbours,

I'm proud to be the MP for Parkdale-High Park. I've lived in this community for 20 years. I care about our community, and the people who make it great.

As your Member of Parliament, I'll work with you and your family to:

  • protect jobs that pay decent wages;
  • maintain a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility;
  • defend Medicare; expand child care; support newcomer services and increase funding for post-secondary education;
  • champion women's equality;
  • make the environment a key priority in the next parliament;
  • support a strong, vibrant arts and cultural sector;
  • push for democratic renewal and ethical government in Ottawa.

Parkdale-High Park deserves a strong voice in Parliament. Jack Layton and the NDP have been able to get results in a minority government. In the spring of 2005 the NDP's 4.6 billion dollar budget achieved more for people and more for Toronto.

Look at some of the achievements:

  • $900 million for the environment, including energy efficiency
  • $70 million for the TTC * $200 million to build more affordable housing
  • $115 million to reduce tuition fees
  • and, more money for foreign aid

Without Jack Layton and the NDP caucus, would Parliament have:

  • Passed same-sex marriage legislation?
  • Signed onto the Kyoto accord?
  • Turned down George Bush's missile defence scheme?

You know the answer is no. I promise to keep my commitment to working for the things that matter to you, and with your support we'll get results.