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Why we need Peggy as our MP

To build our community

"Peggy Nash will be a champion for New Canadians.  We trust her to fight for recognition of foreign credentials, affordable housing, jobs and employment insurance."
Anna Thaker, T. Siva Sunderam, Bayani Edades, Diane Rajaram
Parkdale Tenants

To support women and families

"I've worked with Peggy over the years on equity and human rights issues.  She has always been a powerful voice in support of women's choices and children's needs."
June Callwood,

To spend our tax dollars wisely

"Peggy Nash lives in our community, and she understands the issues in our neighbourhood.  As a local businessman, I know Peggy Nash will be there to protect our hard-earned tax dollars."
Vladimir Samokish,
Owner, Roncesvalles Bakery

To boost the arts

"I've worked with Peggy.  She's smart, committed to her community, and she gets things done.  She has integrity and honesty.  I think we need people like her in Ottawa."
Anne Pick
Award-winning Filmaker, Partner in Reel to Reel Productions

To take action on the environment

Peggy is the winner of two gold awards from The Sierra Club of Canada for her leadership on:

  • the NDP's Green Car Strategy
  • Toronto's public transit campaign
  • clean air and clean water advocacy

To speak up for Canada

"If there's one sure thing in this election, it's the superb representation the riding of Parkdale-High Park will receive with Peggy Nash as their MP.  She's a strong and vibrant personality who will deal with local, national and international issues in a way that will do her constituents proud."
Stephen Lewis
Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

To restore government accountability

"I know I can count on Peggy to be a strong advocate of a proportional representation system, a fairer voting system for our country.  She is an effective and determined voice that will serve her community well in the House of Commons."
Doris Anderson
Author, Journalist and President of Fair Vote Canada