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What People are Saying

"Just what we've been waiting for in national politics - a woman with passion, determination & knowhow. Peggy has the right stuff to make Ottawa listen."
Michele Landsberg
Author & Journalist
"Peggy Nash lives in our community, and she understands the issues in our neighbourhood. As a local businessman, I know Peggy Nash will be there to protect our hard-earned tax dollars."
Vladimir Somakish
Owner, Roncesvalles Bakery
"Toronto had its first 'smog day' before the middle of May this year.  We need real action on cleaning up the air. I'm supporting Peggy Nash because she'll be a strong voice in Ottawa for clean air."
Dr. Keith Stewart
"I see in Peggy the spirit of Flora MacDonald and other progressive women and men across the political spectrum who work against the odds to make a difference, not just for women, but for all Canadians."
Kiloran German
Business Owner, Corporate Consultant
Long-time Progressive Conservative Activist
"After many years of support for the struggle to end the apartheid regine in South Africa, Peggy Nash was asked by the Canadian Government to be an election observer for the first free elections in my country.  Peggy continues to be a strong force for social and economic justice."
Carole Adriaans
Founder and president of South African Women for Women
"I'm not a party person at all, and there is no single political organization that speaks for me.  I know, however, that Peggy Nash is a concerned, compassionate, informed and reasonable person who would be an asset to this area as well as to the House of Commons. We have to have change, before it's too late."
Michael Coren
Journalist, Broadcaster
"Peggy is a person with integrity.  She is a team player and a bridge builder but she is also a leader. Peggy is able to create change that is considered, lasting and effective."
Kimberley Morris
Lawyer, Chair of METRAC, a Toronto Anti-Violence Organization