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I am very pleased to be the NDP candidate in the upcoming federal election in Parkdale-High Park riding.

Along with my partner, Carl Kaufman I have lived in this community for 20 years. We have raised our three sons here and like many of you, have been involved in daycares, parent councils at local schools as well as community sports. Our youngest son will soon graduate from Western Technical and Commercial School just like his grandfather did 60 years ago. I am proud of my roots in this community.

This federal election is about vision and change.  NDP leader Jack Layton has outlined a progressive alternative to the Martin Liberals. Jackís vision is about hope and a responsible plan for achieving economic and social justice for all. It is about a clean environment and waterfront. It includes a "New Deal" for cities, where there is enough support for newcomers who settle here, and enough money for public transit. Itís about using our hard-earned tax dollars for better education and health care, not  paying off political allies, cutting corporate taxes, or buying George Bush's "Star War" plan.

The 2004 federal election is about choices. We can build a Canada where nobodyís left on the streets at night. Where integrity is a government priority. Where you and your family can count on essential services, such as Medicare and quality education. Where our kids have the clean air and water they deserve. Where cities are building housing and improving public transit, while encouraging small business and bolstering the arts.

Paul Martin and the Liberals have slashed social spending in spite of promises to rebuild our country. Now they are seeking a fourth term in government. Itís time for change. Itís time for a new vision.

 I know we can do better here, and across Canada. Parkdale-High Park deserves a strong voice in Parliament. Join me in building a real alternative to the Liberals.

Peggy Nash


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