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Hate Crimes

Recent Hate Crimes Against the Jewish Community in Toronto and Vaughan

Mr Bernie Farber,
Executive Director
Canadian Jewish Congress, Ontario Region

Dear Mr. Farber:

The recent hate crimes against the Jewish community in Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario are a shocking reminder of how vigilant we must be when it comes to human rights. We must vigorously denounce such acts and the hatred that underlies them. I stand with all New Democrats in condemning all acts of anti-Semitism.

Having lived in the High Park area for many years, news that some the acts of hatred took place right in this community provokes sadness and anger.

Recently, an Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents 2003 was released. This audit noted a 27.5% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Canada compared to the previous year’s audit. More disturbingly the report noted anti-Semitic incidents in Canada have doubled since 2001. These statistics are alarming and unacceptable.

Our strength as a society has been to bring Canadians of diverse ethnic backgrounds together to create an open and constructive dialogue on how best to foster a society where no citizen is harassed or marginalized.

Leaders from every community must stand up and be counted. Silence and inaction, in the face of such attacks, implies consent. This would not only be an injustice to Canadians and Canadian values, but also to citizens in every corner of the international community.

The New Democratic Party under the leadership of Jack Layton will continue to build bridges between communities. I extend my deepest sympathy to the victims of these senseless crimes and reaffirm my commitment to helping build a Canada where no Canadian lives in fear, and to speak out against all forms of hatred and discrimination.

In Solidarity,

Peggy Nash,
NDP Candidate for Parkdale-High Park