June 14, 2022

Week Four:  Debates Begin, the Media comes calling!

With just two weeks to Election Day, our canvassing and our signs are everywhere in the community, I continue to get a great response at the door, and the media are calling. You can feel the momentum and desire for change in Parkdale � High Park. Many voters are saying they will vote NDP to send a message that they want a stronger voice for our community and an MP who has integrity and is accountable to residents.

The first of a number of all-candidates� debates took place at Swansea Town Hall and Howard Public School last week. Residents are frustrated with the Liberals for their misspending of taxpayers� money. They are also highly skeptical that the Conservatives will do any better�people in this riding know that deep tax cuts only lead to a decrease in health care and public services. I was pleased to receive the most positive audience response on many issues including the NDP�s commitment to public health care, more child care and affordable housing, and practical solutions for environmental change.

This week, voters across Canada will have an opportunity to see Jack Layton in action as he debates the other party leaders on TV. The French debate airs Mon. June 14, at 8:00 pm on CBC Newsworld, followed by Tuesday�s English debate on CBC at 8:00 pm. It�s a great opportunity to learn about the NDP�s positive action and solutions on issues that voters care about.

The media also came calling this week! Now Magazine ran a full-page Parkdale�High Park profile entitled �Nash a natural�, saying that our campaign is well positioned to topple the Liberal incumbent. I appeared on Don Newman�s CBC Newsworld, City TV�s �This Hour�, ROB TV and Toronto One news to talk about issues that are important to this city and our community.

On Friday, the Canadian independent music industry held a town hall meeting for artists to bring attention to the fact that the Martin Liberals may cut funding to FACTOR, the industry group that administers federal funds to launch new Canadian music talent. As a panelist at that meeting, I was proud to announce that the NDP is committed to stable, long-term funding for FACTOR�the only party to do so at the meeting.

We are entering the campaign's 'home stretch.' These last two weeks are critical. There are many undecided voters who are just starting to pay attention to the issues. From now to Election Day these voters will be choosing whom they will support. We have a final leaflet to deliver to their doors, to let them know we are the positive alternative they are looking for.

If you can give some time, please call the Campaign Office at 416-769-2200.



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