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NDP only party to pledge long-term support for Canadian music industry

(For immediate release- June 11, 2022)
Faced with possible federal budget cuts in 2005 to its program for developing Canadian talent, the Canadian independent music industry got a welcome pledge of support today from the federal NDP at a NXNE town hall meeting in Toronto. Speaking for the NDP, Parkdale- High Park candidate Peggy Nash said her party is committed to providing stable, long-term funding for FACTOR, the industry organization that administrates funds for new talent. Neither Liberal Sarmite Bulte nor Conservative Loftus Cuddy could confirm their parties would extend funding beyond 2005.

"FACTOR has proved that a modest $8 million investment can have a huge payback in terms of building talent, launching Canadian artists and generating significant revenues for the industry and our economy", said Nash. "The NDP will lock in current levels of funding to the industry over the long term and guarantee an annual 3 percent increase to cover inflation."

The town hall meeting was organized by the ‘Save Canadian Music’ campaign, an industry group that sprung to life when the Martin Liberals refused to renew FACTOR’s contract beyond one year. The prior contract had been renewed for a three-year period. Bulte told conference participants that the government didn’t commit to a longer-term contract because of the pending election and annual budget review processes.

Nash says that artists should not have to come begging each year for money and that stabilizing funding over the long term is a more respectful way to build strong relationships and allow artists and professionals to plan their careers.

According to FACTOR, it has provided $71 million in funding  over the last 21 years and commercial record sales alone have returned over $487 million in retail sales. "Music and other arts sectors are a vital economic engine for Canada and they play a crucial role in preserving our cultural sovereignty as a nation," says Nash. She adds that the NDP will infuse an additional $240 million a year into arts, culture and media as part of the party’s plan to build a green and prosperous economy.

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