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Mayor David Miller endorses Peggy Nash

Toronto Mayor David Miller has officially endorsed federal NDP Candidate Peggy Nash, as a key ally to help him get a new fiscal deal from Ottawa and put a permanent stop to the Island Airport bridge. Peggy is running in Parkdale-High Park, which takes in the ward that Miller previously served as City Councillor.

"Peggy Nash is a leader, builder and visionary and she shares my passion for our city," said Miller. "We need her working in Ottawa to work on Toronto�s behalf."

Peggy has committed to fight for stable, guaranteed funding and investment in Toronto�s public services and programs, saying that the current MP has been silent on a new deal for Toronto.

"I am very pleased with the Mayor�s endorsement and look forward to working with him to accomplish his agenda for the City," says Peggy. "We need a federal government that will support the city with adequate funding, and work cooperatively on issues like the Island Airport."

Peggy will work with the Mayor to permanently end the Port Authority�s plans to renew construction of the bridge to the Island Airport. The Authority says it will start construction by July 1st of this year.

"It's time that the City of Toronto and its people have more control over planning our waterfront," says Peggy. "I�m committed to achieving a green, sustainable vision for our waterfront and our community as part of building a strong Toronto."