Peggy with Mayor David Miller and
his children, plus local firefighters

On Sunday, September 12, all of those who helped to create such an exciting NDP campaign in Parkdale-HIgh Park last June were invited to a BBQ in High Park. Well over 100 people attended the celebration and 'thank you' to election donors, workers and volunteers. The weather was wonderful, the live band was great, the food was the best, and there were even games and fun for kids. Mayor David Miller dropped by with his children to join in the festivities.

Many of you wrote to me after the election to say that you wanted to stay involved. I want to make sure that is possible. We will be meeting to plan future events and to reorganize in preparation for a federal election that may come at anytime.

We are now in an important period of minority government. The Liberals got elected with promises of health care, child care and support for cities. We need to work had to ensure that they keep their promises so that we can make progress after so many years of cutbacks.

Also we need to work to ensure that Canada does not sign on to George Bush's Missile Defence Shield. Most scientists agree that this technology will lead to the militarization of space and has not yet been proven to work. Canada needs to establish an independent foreign policy and not become a junior partner to the U.S.

In the meantime there is an NDP provincial convention in Hamilton in November, and there will be a policy discussion in the local riding association leading up to that event. If any these activities are of interest to you, please let me know so that I can send you details.

I continue to be eager to attend community events to take our message of hope and accountability to those who live in our community. Please let me know of any events that you think I should attend.

I wish you a great beginning to another school year, and a new parliamentary session - one where New Democrats will be taking every opportunity to remind the federal Liberal government of its campaign promises.

Best Wishes,