The Tyee: It’s the Economy, Dippers

In NDP leadership debate, Peggy Nash stakes out territory party needs to conquer.
December 5, 2021
By Murray Dobbin

It should not come as a surprise that Nash, finance critic until she announced her campaign, is leading in this policy contest. She has focused attention on reversing the decade-long trend of exporting raw resources and returning to a value-added economy; fairer taxes; requiring companies to make binding commitments on jobs and development (that would violate NAFTA, but perhaps we should); massively increase public investment in the face of the private sector’s refusal to do so; strengthen income security programs that were decimated under the Liberals; and integrate and enhance  social programs with a view to boosting jobs and productivity. She also calls for formal co-operation between government, business, labour and universities to guide a return to a comprehensive industrial policy — pointing to Finland, Korea, Brazil, and Germany’s successful approaches.

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“Our Party needs someone who can bring people together, who will be able to build bridges between different communities all across Canada and lead the NDP to victory as the next Government of Canada. I firmly believe that Peggy Nash is the person to do that.”

Marjorlaine Boutin-Sweet, MP

Hochelaga, QC
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