The StarPhoenix: Peggy Nash’s campaign focused on jobs and building bridges

January 3, 2022
By Tobi Cohen

The ability to bring people together - no matter how frustrating it gets - is what Peggy Nash believes sets her apart from her competitors in the race for the leadership of the New Democratic Party.

Previously a labour negotiator, compromise is a recurring theme in her narrative - whether she’s talking about bridging the gap between business and social interests, finding commonalties between her party’s grassroots and the wider base it needs to win to form a government, or reaching out across party lines to “get things done” for Canadians.

“I think what I bring is a strength and breadth of experience that our party needs so that we can bridge differences, not just in our party but in the country,” she said.

“I would argue that the prime minister is often unnecessarily divisive and what we need is someone with a record of uniting people and helping them work together to make concrete change.”

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“Peggy Nash has an excellent understanding of the economic issues affecting this country. Her approach reflects deep roots in the labour movement, the women’s movement, and in community struggles for social change.”

Andrew Jackson

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