Progressive economists endorse Peggy Nash

Ottawa / Dec 5, 2021 —Five prominent progressive economists are publicly supporting Peggy Nash and her leadership on the economy.

In their own words:

Mel Watkins – Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Science, University of Toronto, and Adjunct Research Professor, Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University:

“Peggy Nash has a firm grasp of economic issues and an ability to see them from the perspective of working people. She is deeply committed to the NDP. She is the best leader for these troubled times.”

Jim Stanford – Economist with the Canadian Auto Workers, author of Economics for Everyone, Globe and Mail economics columnist, and member of the CBC TV National News Bottom Line panel:

“I worked closely with Peggy Nash for many years, and saw her at work first-hand dealing with some of the largest, most powerful corporations in the world.  She was always motivated by her determination to win a better deal for their workers, and for all Canadians.  She understands the hard trade-offs that are necessary in the real economy, but has not lost her hope and drive to build a better world for all of us.  Her unique combination of principles and pragmatism will make her an outstanding opposition leader, and a visionary Prime Minister.”

Andrew Jackson – Chief Economist of the Canadian Labour Congress, Research Associate of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and a Fellow of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University:

“Peggy Nash has an excellent understanding of the economic issues affecting this country. Her approach reflects deep roots in the labour movement, the women’s movement, and in community struggles for social change.”

Gordon Laxer – Political Economy professor and Founding Director and outgoing head of Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta:

“I admire Peggy Nash’s long-time fight for social justice for working people, Canadian economic and energy sovereignty, and environmental sustainability. Peggy is plucky, well informed and exactly the kind of leader the NDP and Canada need today.”

Marjorie Griffin Cohen - Economist and professor of Political Economy at Simon Fraser University, Author of Public Policy for Women:

“I am supporting Peggy Nash because she understands the big economic picture and is actively pursuing equality as an economic strategy. She understands how important both public and private sector activities are to a strong Canadian economy and how economic planning is crucial for the environment and the quality of the jobs being developed in all sectors.”


“Our Party needs someone who can bring people together, who will be able to build bridges between different communities all across Canada and lead the NDP to victory as the next Government of Canada. I firmly believe that Peggy Nash is the person to do that.”

Marjorlaine Boutin-Sweet, MP

Hochelaga, QC
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