Peggy Nash will move swiftly to implement proportional representation

Toronto / 27 February 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP Parkdale—High Park and NDP Leadership candidate, released today her plan to implement proportional representation.

“Our first-past-the-post system no longer reflects our multi-party political landscape and uninspired electorate,” said Nash.

Citing the current parliament as an example, in which the Harper Conservatives hold a majority of the seats in the House of Commons while only having garnered 40% of the popular vote, Nash added: “People feel like their votes play no part in shaping the course of our government. It’s no wonder voter turnout has slipped to below 60%.”

Nash also criticizes the FPTP system for offering no incentive for parties to work together in the interest of a majority of voters, calling it “the antithesis of democracy.”

Nash’s plan calls for moving proportional representation beyond the platform to a campaign & legislative priority by making it a prominent, salient issue within public and political discourse; collaborating with like-minded organizations already working on this issue; cooperating with parties that support proportional representation to further raise awareness and public support; and inspiring non-voters to become engaged.

She will establish a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform to make specific recommendations on which system (or combination of systems) is best suited for Canada as well as the most effective legislative process to implement the changes.

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Moving to an Electoral System of Proportional Representation

“I’ve seen Peggy first hand in the House of Commons standing up for strong progressive values; she has a clear vision for a more equal and just Canada and she has the strength to lead us in that direction. She has the knowledge as a community activist to lead and grow our party and the proven experience on economic issues to take the NDP into the next election.”

Denise Savoie, MP

Victoria, BC
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