Peggy Nash to dialogue with women across Canada on equality issues

Toronto / Jan. 7, 2012 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, will address and dialogue with supporters in ten communities across Canada during a “Pan-Canadian Feminist Potluck For Peggy” this Sunday, January 8.

“This event is an exciting opportunity to discuss issues that matter most to grassroots women and the potential of electoral politics to address them,” said Nash.

“Women’s equality has always been a key priority for the NDP, and represents one of the core values behind my lifelong activism and career,” Nash added.

Sunday’s event was announced at the same time as an open letter to women across Canada was released in which a diverse cross-section of signatories endorse Nash’s leadership bid and encourage others to do the same.

Local events will be linked by teleconference while the Toronto event, where Nash will be joining, will be broadcast on the internet at

The webcast is scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm EDT. Remarks from Nash will comprise the first 10 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of dialogue with the local potlucks during which Nash will respond in real time to questions/comments regarding her views, personal experiences, and vision for the NDP on equality issues.

Virtual participation through web and social media for those not attending a local event is being encouraged.

“I am infinitely motivated by the wisdom and resilience of the women’s movement, especially in this era of renewed conservative backlash against feminist victories and principles,” said Nash.

“That’s why this event is as much about feminists from various regions sharing and collaborating on strategies as it is about my leadership.”

A policy statement regarding equality from Peggy Nash is forthcoming in the campaign.

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“Peggy Nash has spent her career fighting to build a better, more equitable Canada. An exceptional leader in the labour movement, she is also a grassroots activist able to excite young people to take action and transform their communities.”

Fred Hahn

President of CUPE Ontario
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