Peggy Nash announces LGBT priorities

Vancouver / Dec 11, 2021 – Today, Peggy Nash announced some of her priorities for supporting Canada’s LGBT community.

“I’ve built my campaign around reducing inequality in our country, but that doesn’t just include economic inequality,” explained Nash. “It also means pursuing equality in terms of the way that various communities are treated in Canada and how their specific needs are acknowledged, and addressed.”

Nash noted that Stephen Harper is not only opposed to advancing equity for the LGBT community but has to be stopped from setting back the clock on LGBT rights.

“As a labour negotiator I had the privilege of securing same-sex benefits for workers long before the laws in our country caught up and made it mandatory. The NDP has always been at the forefront of LGBT rights in Canada, and as leader, I will carry on that tradition.”

Nash, who’s leadership bid was publicly endorsed by the NDP’s LGBT Critic, MP Randall Garrison, announced 4 priorities:

  • Full implementation of the NDP’s Trans Rights Bill;
  • A commitment to restoring adequate and long term Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funding to deal with Canada’s HIV/AIDS/HCV epidemics;
  • Advocate for LGBT rights internationally through our foreign policy;
  • Support provincial and community anti-bullying initiatives.

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For more information, please contact 416-579-5028 or [email protected]

“Peggy Nash has spent her career fighting to build a better, more equitable Canada. An exceptional leader in the labour movement, she is also a grassroots activist able to excite young people to take action and transform their communities.”

Fred Hahn

President of CUPE Ontario
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