Nash launches plan for NDP to form government in 2015

Toronto / February 9, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released today a comprehensive organizational blueprint for the NDP to form government in 2015.

“Effectively building on our milestone successes will require more than slogans,” said Nash. “To form government in 2015, our Party needs a serious plan and focused leadership – that’s what I’ve got.”

In addition to prioritizing the retention of the NDP’s newfound support in Quebec, Nash’s plan to put the Party in the most optimal position to win the 2015 federal election includes:

  • Targeting a minimum of 85 priority growth seats
  • Providing incentives for fundraising and membership recruitment to riding associations.
  • Developing innovative outreach tools for riding associations and Party activists to engage prospective supporters in their community between elections
  • Investing resources to identify and train the next generation of campaign managers and senior campaign staff
  • Expanding the frequency of caucus tour visits to increase the party’s visibility in target and growth areas
  • Leveraging the diversity and size of the current NDP caucus to engage with new Canadians and communities that may not have voted NDP in the past
  • Expanding the use of technological innovations in outreach and campaigning
  • Engaging groups that have a low voter participation rate – particularly youth

Vowing to match the Conservatives “dollar for dollar”, Nash says in her policy document: “I want to bring an end to the dominance of Conservative party fundraising.”

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Building Our Party to Form Government in 2015

“I’ve seen Peggy first hand in the House of Commons standing up for strong progressive values; she has a clear vision for a more equal and just Canada and she has the strength to lead us in that direction. She has the knowledge as a community activist to lead and grow our party and the proven experience on economic issues to take the NDP into the next election.”

Denise Savoie, MP

Victoria, BC
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