I’m with Peggy

A statement from Piper Huggins
Former President of the NDP Quebec Section (2006-2008)
Former President of the Outremont Riding Association
Founder of the NDP-QC Section’s Women’s Commission
Former Party Organizer responsible for Quebec, 10 years of experience organizing and managing campaigns, both for general elections and by-elections, throughout Quebec and in Northern New Brunswick
Municipal Councillor in Montreal, Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough.

In just a few days we will be electing the next leader of the NDP. That decision is one that cannot be taken lightly. The considerable quality of the candidates up for the job does not make that decision any easier. We will have to take the time to deeply reflect on what it is that unites us behind the NDP banner, where I have been working side by side with many of you over the past 15 years. Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on what the NDP represents for Canada and I have decided its importance, and therefore the importance of this leadership race, warrants that I declare my support publicly.

I support Peggy Nash. I believe she has the required qualities needed to lead our party and our country. We need to find in our leader a strong grassroots soul who knows how to attain our common objectives. We are new-democrats and we have our distinct political identity that we must promote clearly and proudly. Peggy is the one that can take on the Harper government while maintaining our ideals that unite us and motivate us to roll up our sleeves and put our shoulder to the wheel.

Peggy Nash has proven her enormous respect for the grassroots of the Party and thus can continue Jack’s work of building on these strong foundations, and not despite them.

Peggy has also a proven ability to work together with caucus colleagues, staff and our important volunteer base as well as with partners and allies in social justice and community movements. She does so with respect for our Party’s institutions which have served us well, like our affirmative action program, which, an integral part of our nomination process, resulted in the highest percentage of women parliamentarians in a federal caucus.

As a municipal councillor I particularly appreciate her understanding of pressing issues facing Canada’s metropolitan centres; mounting social, ecological and economic challenges that urban centres face that will affect all Canadians as it directly impacts our capacity to both compete and collaborate internationally.

Peggy Nash is the best candidate to take up the torch to strengthen the inroads we have made in Quebec. Those inroads were made not because Jack was born or brought up in Quebec, but because he spoke the language and personified the values and principles that are common to both NDP and Quebec culture, values of social responsibility and caring, of collective action for the protection and promotion of the common good over individual profit. These values translate in action on environment, public healthcare and public daycare, accessible education and housing, as well as social and economic justice.

22 March 2022

“Peggy Nash embodies the NDP values of social justice, environmental sustainability and prosperity for all. I’m supporting Peggy because she can relate to the working families in my riding, and across the country, that are struggling to pay the bills, and inspire young people to get involved in politics to help build a better Canada.”

Randall Garrison, MP

Esquimault-Juan de Fuca, BC
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