Peggy Nash Releases 5-Point Plan for Achieving Women’s Equality in Canada

Toronto / 11 January 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released today her five point plan for achieving women’s equality in Canada.

The equality statement follows on the heels of a Pan-Canadian Feminist Potluck hosted by her campaign on January 8 during which Nash dialogued on women’s issues with over 400 participants in 11 locations across the country and hundreds via the internet and social media.

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Peggy Nash calls for strengthening of Investment Canada Act

London and Alma plant lockouts put the spotlight on Act’s deficiencies

Ottawa / Jan. 3, 2012 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, renewed calls today for a strengthening of the Investment Canada Act.

Her announcement comes on the heels of major plant lockouts by Caterpillar Inc. in London, Ontario, and Rio-Tinto in Alma, Quebec. Both companies were taken over by foreign corporations through the secretive process provided in the current Investment Canada Act. Read More »

Peggy Nash announces LGBT priorities

Vancouver / Dec 11, 2021 – Today, Peggy Nash announced some of her priorities for supporting Canada’s LGBT community.

“I’ve built my campaign around reducing inequality in our country, but that doesn’t just include economic inequality,” explained Nash. “It also means pursuing equality in terms of the way that various communities are treated in Canada and how their specific needs are acknowledged, and addressed.”

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Nash releases statement of economic priorities

Toronto / Dec 2, 2021 – In a policy statement released today, entitled A New Direction for Jobs and Prosperity, NDP leadership candidate Peggy Nash sharply criticised the economic management of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government and laid out her alternative economic vision for the country.

“Stephen Harper’s claim to be the best economic manager has been utterly refuted by the bitter experience of recent years,” said Ms. Nash.

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“It was the leadership and commitment I saw in Peggy Nash that inspired me to enter politics. Peggy’s ability to unite people will be necessary for New Democrats and all Canadians as we fight to create a better, more inclusive, Canada. I urge New Democrats to vote for Peggy Nash as leader, and work to make Peggy the next Prime Minister of Canada.”

Sarah Doucette

Toronto City Councillor
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