Nash releases plan to increase access to pensions and retirement security

Vancouver / February 3, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP (Parkdale—High Park) and NDP leadership candidate, today released a plan to ensure better access to pensions and retirement security for more seniors.

“It is unacceptable that 11 million working Canadians are without a workplace pension,” said Nash, “And that number is steadily rising.”

In the wake of speculation about whether the Harper Conservatives will delay the OAS (Old Age Security) eligibility age from 65 to 67, Nash says her plan is about improving access rather than reducing it.

“Instead of creating additional uncertainly for Canadians about their ability to retire securely, we need urgent and achievable solutions to this widespread problem.”

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Nash releases plan to protect wild salmon habitat and support sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Vancouver / February 2, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate, put out today a comprehensive strategy to protect wild salmon habitat and support sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

“The Harper Conservatives have failed our coasts, failed our fisheries, and failed our local economies,” said Nash. A comprehensive report released Thursday by the Royal Society of Canada clearly outlined Canada’s failure to protect marine biodiversity and called for new action to manage and preserve our vital fisheries.

“I will fight for our fragile ocean and coastal ecosystems, and I will respect the voices of British Columbians advocating on their behalf.”

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Peggy Nash releases plan to make post-secondary education accessible

NDP leadership candidate stands in solidarity with students across canada calling for an end to student debt

Vancouver / February 1, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released this morning her plan to increase accessibility to post-secondary education (PSE) and alleviate student debt loads.

“Our social, economic, and cultural vibrancy depends on a real commitment to college and university education and training,” said Nash.

“After Liberal governments in the 1990s drastically reduced federal funding to post-secondary education, inaction by the Harper Conservatives’ has maintained the under-funding at a critical level.”

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Nash wants child care back on national agenda, releases plan that will “pay for itself”

Toronto / January 26, 2022 –Peggy Nash, MP (Parkdale—High Park) and NDP leadership candidate, today put out her plan to Ensure Access to Early Childhood Education and Childcare.

“Too many families across Canada struggle to make ends meet while trying to ensure their children get the care they need,” said Nash. “My plan puts ECEC back on the federal/provincial/territorial table as an urgent social policy issue.”

Elaborated in collaboration Martha Friendly, a leading expert in this field and director of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, Nash’s plan is based on evidence which consistently confirms that Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) programs support women’s equality, help lift families out of poverty, and strengthen communities.

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Peggy Nash releases plan to create green cities and jobs

Toronto / 18 January 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, unveiled today her strategy for greening Canadian municipalities, investing in infrastructure, and creating green jobs.

“This plan is a bold step toward reducing our individual and collective carbon footprint, fighting climate change in meaningful ways, and protecting our environment,” said Nash.

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Peggy Nash unveils plan to make Canada a global leader in innovation

Toronto / 13 January 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released today her plan to make Canada a global leader in innovation.

Nash’s expertise on the economy is widely touted as one of her most distinguishing assets as a leadership contender.

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“I’ve seen Peggy first hand in the House of Commons standing up for strong progressive values; she has a clear vision for a more equal and just Canada and she has the strength to lead us in that direction. She has the knowledge as a community activist to lead and grow our party and the proven experience on economic issues to take the NDP into the next election.”

Denise Savoie, MP

Victoria, BC
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