Progressive economists endorse Peggy Nash

Ottawa / Dec 5, 2021 —Five prominent progressive economists are publicly supporting Peggy Nash and her leadership on the economy.

In their own words:

Mel Watkins – Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Science, University of Toronto, and Adjunct Research Professor, Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University:

“Peggy Nash has a firm grasp of economic issues and an ability to see them from the perspective of working people. She is deeply committed to the NDP. She is the best leader for these troubled times.”

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Nash releases statement of economic priorities

Toronto / Dec 2, 2021 – In a policy statement released today, entitled A New Direction for Jobs and Prosperity, NDP leadership candidate Peggy Nash sharply criticised the economic management of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government and laid out her alternative economic vision for the country.

“Stephen Harper’s claim to be the best economic manager has been utterly refuted by the bitter experience of recent years,” said Ms. Nash.

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Former special advisor on Quebec to Jack Layton endorses Nash

Ottawa / Nov 22, 2021 - Pierre Ducasse announced today that he will be supporting Peggy Nash for the leadership of New Democratic Party of Canada.

After having been a candidate himself in the 2003 NDP leadership race, Mr. Ducasse served as special advisor to Jack Layton on Québec for a number of years. His work was instrumental in establishing the NDP in Québec and he is one of the principle authors of the Sherbrooke Declaration, which marked an important turning point for the party in Québec.

“Peggy understands Québec and she’s someone who really brings people together. She will be able to rally progressives from Québec and from all across Canada to defeat the Conservatives in 2015,” said Ducasse. “People in Québec will appreciate her positive approach and her credibility on the economy.”

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Former NDP leader Alexa McDonough endorses Peggy Nash for leadership

Halifax / Nov 10, 2021 – Former NDP leader Alexa McDonough today announced her support for MP Peggy Nash for the leadership of the federal New Democrats.

“I am convinced Peggy is the candidate who can lead a united NDP,” said McDonough.  “She has the skills and experience to take on Stephen Harper’s failing economic policies and she has the activist roots to continue building our party, here in Atlantic Canada, in Quebec and right across the country.”

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Over the long term, good environmental policy is good economic policy

Policymakers in Germany understood that and today Germans are reaping the benefits of their foresight in the form of cutting-edge innovation, superior global competitiveness, and hundreds of thousands of quality jobs. Canada should get on board.

By Peggy Nash

It’s difficult to imagine that only 40 years ago, Germany was one of Europe’s worst environmental stragglers. Today, seen as a model of environmental success, at the time it was known for forests ravaged by acid rain, waterways contaminated with toxic heavy metals, and air blackened from the burning of high-sulphur coal.

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Nash Focuses on BC Jobs and Economic Growth

Vancouver / Nov 1, 2021 – Peggy Nash brought her cross-country leadership tour to Vancouver pledging to make it clear to British Columbians that she has the experience required to strengthen the BC economy.

“British Columbians know the NDP has its heart in the right place” said Nash. “I can make it clear we can manage the economy.”

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“I worked closely with Peggy Nash for many years, and saw her at work first-hand dealing with some of the largest, most powerful corporations in the world. She was always motivated by her determination to win a better deal for their workers, and for all Canadians.”

Jim Stanford

Economist and author
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