It is possible to protect the environment while strengthening the economy: Nash

Toronto / February 15, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP (Parkdale—High Park) and NDP leadership candidate, released a plan today that links environmental protection to improving the economy.

Since participating in climate change talks in Durban last November/December, Laurin Liu – MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and the NDP’s deputy critic on the environment – is concerned about Canada’s quickly diminishing status as a global leader on climate change:

“To repair the damage to our environment and our international reputation while at the same time strengthening our economy, we need strong leadership and innovative plans,” said Liu. “That’s why I’m with Peggy Nash.”

Said Nash: “My plan proves it’s not only possible to build a strong economy while protecting the environment and supporting all Canadians with smart social policy – it’s essential.”

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Nash proposes action in five critical foreign policy areas to restore Canada’s reputation on global stage

Montreal / February 10, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP (Parkdale—High Park) and NDP leadership candidate, released a plan to address five critical foreign policy areas.

“Canada’s reputation on promoting peace, equality, and action on climate internationally has fallen dramatically,” said Nash. “We can and must do better.”

To increase Canada’s commitment and leadership on peace-building, sustainable development, women’s rights, climate change, and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) rights, Nash’s plan includes proposals to:

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Nash launches plan for NDP to form government in 2015

Toronto / February 9, 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale–High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released today a comprehensive organizational blueprint for the NDP to form government in 2015.

“Effectively building on our milestone successes will require more than slogans,” said Nash. “To form government in 2015, our Party needs a serious plan and focused leadership – that’s what I’ve got.”

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Two more Quebec MPs step out to endorse Peggy Nash for NDP leadership

Toronto / February 9, 2022 – Two more MPs from the NDP’s Quebec caucus have thrown their support behind NDP leadership candidate, Peggy Nash: Laurin Liu (Rivière-des-Mille-Îles) and Elaine Michaud (Portneuf–Jacques-Cartier).

Liu, who recently represented the NDP at climate change meetings in Durban, said of Nash: “Peggy’s commitment to environmental issues and workers’ rights shows Canadians that she is the leader we need in order to make a just transition to a green economy. Her skills as a negotiator and strong parliamentary performance make her a clear alternative to Stephen Harper.”

Part of building the Quebec NDP for nearly a decade, Michaud cites Nash’s experience as a builder as a key reason behind her choice: “Peggy is the most appropriate leader to build on our Party’s successes in Quebec and the rest of Canada. I’ve followed her for years in the NDP and know that wherever she goes, Peggy effectively inspires and rallies people. This is the kind of leadership our Party needs to topple Harper in 2015.”

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Nash wants Northern communities back on the national agenda, releases multi-prong plan

Sudbury / February 5, 2022 – As she arrived in Sudbury to take part in a candidates’ debate, Peggy Nash, MP (Parkdale—High Park) and NDP leadership candidate, released a plan today entitled “Supporting, Protecting, and Respecting Canada’s North”.

“Families and communities in the North are struggling,” said Nash. “There are too many smart solutions for this to be about anything other than government inaction.”

From creating jobs and improving local economies to increasing access to water, education, and health care services, Nash’s plan also advances concrete proposals on housing for Aboriginal communities, saving the rail, and protecting the environment.

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Statement on Closure of Electro-Motive Plant in London


You have likely heard that US construction conglomerate Caterpillar Inc. is closing the Electro-Motive Canada (EMC) plant in London, Ontario. The announcement was made this morning.

You will recall that this is the facility where 465 workers were locked out January 1st, after refusing to have their wages and benefits cut in half.

You may not know that the closure comes on the heels of a mighty lucrative year for Caterpillar Inc. This company is raking in billions of dollars in profits - $4.9 billion, to be exact. This is the highest level of profit the company has ever had.

Make no mistake about it – at the heart of the decision to close EMC is pure greed, the level of which is breathtaking. But more disturbing is how often this story is repeated in Canada. Despite the economic and personal hardship affecting communities right across the country, the Harper Conservatives simply refuse to take action.

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“Peggy has demonstrated in Parliament and in the political trenches that she has what it takes to lead the NDP to greater heights. She is smart, passionate, tough, and tireless.”

Alexa McDonough

Former Leader, Canada's NDP
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