Peggy Nash picks up endorsements from former BC Cabinet Ministers

Toronto / 29 February 2022 – Three former BC cabinet ministers today announced their support for Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate.

Darlene Marzari, former MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey and Minister of Tourism, Minister Responsible for Culture, and Minister of Municipal Affairs, said she backs Nash because now is “the right time to remember our roots as a party and our values as a movement. Peggy represents these tenets not just intellectually, but as a way of living and doing business.”

Evelyn Gillespie, small business owner and former Minister for Women’s Equality wants a woman with Nash’s priorities leading the NDP and next federal government: “Imagine a country where we really experience true equality! Peggy Nash has my full support.”

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Peggy Nash nabs endorsement from MPP Jonah Schein

Toronto / 27 February 2022 – At a campaign event this evening in Toronto, Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate, received the endorsement of popular NDP MPP for Davenport, Jonah Schein , critic for urban transport and the environment.

In remarks made at Nash’s Toronto Town Hall, Schein described his decision to support Nash as carefully considered:

“From the beginning, I’ve said that my choice was going to be based on finding a candidate who has the language skills to hold onto our success in Quebec, who has a solid foundation in progressive and movement politics, and who is a real social democrat.”

“Our leader has got to be Peggy.”

In response to his announcement, Nash said of Schein: “Jonah is a rising star within our party and an exemplary member of provincial parliament. His commitment to his constituents and to the values of our party is inspiring. It is an honour to have Jonah on my team.”

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Peggy Nash will move swiftly to implement proportional representation

Toronto / 27 February 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP Parkdale—High Park and NDP Leadership candidate, released today her plan to implement proportional representation.

“Our first-past-the-post system no longer reflects our multi-party political landscape and uninspired electorate,” said Nash.

Citing the current parliament as an example, in which the Harper Conservatives hold a majority of the seats in the House of Commons while only having garnered 40% of the popular vote, Nash added: “People feel like their votes play no part in shaping the course of our government. It’s no wonder voter turnout has slipped to below 60%.”

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Nash scoops up endorsements from municipal leaders in Ontario & BC

Regina / 24 February 2022 – More municipal politicians have come out in support of Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park, for the leadership of the New Democratic Party.

Adam Vaughan, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 20
Maria Augimeri, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 9
Janet Davis, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 31
Ron Jones, Windsor City Councillor for Ward 2
Carolyn Davies, Amherstburg City Councillor

Ben Isitt, Victoria City Councillor
Michelle Kirby, Oak Bay City Councillor
Diane McNally, Greater Victoria School Board Trustee
Constance Barnes, Vancouver Park Board
John Luton, former Victoria City Councillor
Carol Pickup, former Saanich City Councillor

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Midwifery needs federal recognition and support: Nash

Regina / 23 February 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate, released a plan today to bring birth back to rural and remote Aboriginal communities.

“No matter who or where they are, every mother and baby in Canada deserves the best possible maternity care,” said Nash.

“The Harper Conservatives’ failure to recognize and fund midwifery at the federal level has led to routine evacuation of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women from reserves and remote communities,” she added.

“Access to quality maternity care close to home not only contributes to maternal and newborn health, it strengthens communities and families.”

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Peggy Nash calls on Catalyst Mill to protect its workers

Kamloops / 21 February 2022 – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park and NDP leadership candidate, today called for stronger legislative protection for workers’ pensions as bankruptcy looms for Catalyst Mill.

Catalyst applied for CCAA protection in a BC court on January 30th, which was granted.

“As the largest employer in Powell River, Port Alberni, and Crofton, Catalyst’s potential bankruptcy will put thousands of families at risk of losing their pensions if the mills close,” said Nash, who is scheduled to visit Powell River tomorrow, one day before Catalyst’s next scheduled court date.

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“Our next leader and next Prime Minister must be able to work with Canadians to build a strong and sustainable economy and advance important social programs like a national childcare strategy. Peggy’s skills as a negotiator, communicator, and advocate make her our best choice.”

Sharon Blady, MLA

Kirkfield Park, MB
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